The Lands of the Lake

All the Way to the Tippy-Top

Where everything is revealed. Well, almost.

After the depradations of the Xivorts last time out, our intrepid group regroups back at the caravan for another foray. Cleric, Chork’ul Cu’kker, EFasior, Erevan, Kersk, and Warlord set out to once again conquer the tower.

  • After a brief stop to examine the library (where the battle with the Xivorts occurred), the group discovers that the next room features their nemesis. Water. And falling. And, ultimately, piranha. This large room features a series of 10’ by 10’ stone platforms, surrounded by water. Using some, nay, all of their cleverness, they are able to get the majority of the group to the middle of the room, before Cleric manages a couple of impromptu quick dips, leading to the brief appearance of the piranha. However, the party manages to make it across without too much trouble, finding a doorway and then a large spiral staircase.
  • Sending their skillful adventurer first, EFasior heads up the stairway to find a doorway. As a group, then head into a large round room, with a central stone core (like a donut). Scattered around the room are four low plinths, each of a different color – as well as a pillar of water, earth, fire, and nothing (respectively). Surprising almost no one, these pillars showed themselves to be elementals, and quickly attacked the group. Warlord spent quite awhile grabbed by the nearly invisible Air Elemental, and Cleric was briefly on fire, but in general the battle was dealt with pretty handily. Afterward, the party opens a door, finding another spiral stairway.
  • Our gang climbs the stairway, opening the door onto a similar round room, though this one has an open descending spiral staircase in the center. Around the room are curtains, tapestries, bookshelves, art objects, and other trappings of luxury. At the far side of the room is a massive throne, containing a ghostly figure – a tall gnoll in robes, and with a staff.
  • The ghostly gnoll and the characters begin a guarded if not entirely serious conversation with the party, mostly regarding their exploration through the tower, and their reason for being there. After a bit of chit-chat, the ghost (Klatu) explains that he hasn’t had a good fight in awhile, and the fight begins. Suddenly, six ghostly minions appear.
  • Klatu displays some nifty tricks, such as teleportation and lightning, and the party discovers that his minions reappear after they are destroyed; however, due to skill and luck, the party gets Klatu to stop the fight without too much trouble. He begins a conversation (interspersed with a few exchanges of arrows and lightning strikes) wherein he explains why (and by who) the party has been sent here.
  • According to Klatu, someone named Zef has sent them to acquire a copper gear, which belongs to an ancient mystical device – and a dangerous one, at that. Several times, he describes Zef as someone who is not to be trifled with – though he leaves the party to decide what they will do with it.
  • Secondly, Klatu warns that the staircase in the middle of the room is very long, and leads to the upper reaches of the Underdark. He also suggests that it may be more than a match for the party at this point.
  • Lastly, Klatu decides to give the party another item, an old scroll case. Within is an incomplete and very aged piece of parchment – on one side is a map of the valley, while on the other is an alchemical or magical formula. He gives a bit of information on a few of the parties magic items, passes on a simple wooden necklace that should disable the traps within the tower, and explains that he is going to depart.



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