The Lands of the Lake

It's a...trap?

Brixton, the Jewel of the Middle of Nowhere

We began the session in Ludwig’s shop, where EFasior showed off his haggling prowess in the purchase of a couple daggers and some rope

  • After departing, the group encountered a boy on their way through town. The desperate (if a bit wussy) redhead, named Agnart, beseeched the party to help save his family. He (partially) explains that they were kidnapped by monsters outside of town. After significant convincing, our heroes decide to follow Agnart to where his family is located.
  • The band head north on the main path out of Brixton for about a half-hour, turning onto a smaller path to the east. The forest path splits, and Agnart continues to lead them on. They soon come across a clearing in the woods, in the center of which is a human female (presumably tied up).
  • EFasior and Chork’ul Cu’kker cleverly sneak around the edges of the clearing, before they stumble into four Ogres who are cleverly using a similar strategy. The Battle begins! Chork’ul fires a pair of arrows deep into his two Ogres, while EFasior strikes a grazing blow against one of his; they both take up tactical positions somewhat further from the two brutes.
  • As the battle continues, the Ogres avoid entering the clearing, and the party struggles to draw a bead on them. The larger two brutes continue to sneak (charge) around the edges, causing destruction, while the smaller two step into the clearing and chuck several javelins. After further exchange of fire, they charge into the center, fighting Kersk and Sarina.
  • Two of the Ogres are brought down by Chork’ul Cu’kker, Erevan, Bouchra, Reginald, and EFasior; then the group focuses on the two remaining Ogres. Suddenly, a larger and angrier Ogre (perhaps the leader) bursts forth from the woods. Despite his size, the combined efforts of the party make short work of him.
  • The group notices that Agnart and his (alleged) sister have run for it. They send Chork’ul and EFasior to run them down. As the rest of the party finds some skeletons and treasure, the purported siblings are captured (possibly with the use of a net).
  • Shortly after the kids are hauled back to the clearing, a posse appears, lead by the Town Constable Robarr. The ensuing discussion only serves to confuse the situation, and the Constable suggests that everyone return to Brixton. After a bit of investigation, Robarr comes to belive the party’s account. He then confides that he needs a favor, as livestock have been coming up missing on a monthly basis.
  • The party fears these deaths may be lycanthrope-related, and Erevan (an expert on the topic) informs everyone of their specifics. They head to Ludwig’s, where they purchase all of his silver weapons, and then induce the town’s blacksmith to make some other weapons.



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