The Lands of the Lake

Zombie Bat Mitzvah

Wherein Our Heroes Struggle to Reemember What They Were Doing

  • It appears that we all forgot what happened last week. So we determined that Warlord and Chork’ul Cu’kker are circling through the lumber town on a wagon, loathe to stop because of the zombie hoard.

At the same time, Bouchra, Cleric, Erevan, and Kersk are underground, in a series of tunnels beneath the town. They come to a doorway, which opens upon a large and empty basement room. After exploring briefly, Erevan heads up a set of stairs, where he meets two small zombies; they are dispatched in relatively short order.

After reaching the ground floor, however, the group faces a notably larger group of the undead. During the battle, they manage to ignite the quite flammable mill building. Some people roll threes. A lot of threes.

At this point, the wagon swings by, and Chork’ul Cu’kker hops off, attempting to aid the band. Unfortunately, he is followed by another group of the living dead. With a semi-valiant effort, the combined group fight off most of their enemies and Erevan heads to the top floor. Seeing no resistance, he moves towards the windows, discovering that the floor is covered in animate severed hands.

At the same time, EFasior (who had been hiding out the previous adventure) happened upon noises of struggle (and hints of smoke), and so clearly headed in that direction. Using his trusty grappling hook, he found himself in the upper floor of the mill.

The group decides to beat a hasty escape back down the convenient grappling hook/rope, and everyone manages to make it down to ground level. Fighting off enemies, they head towards the other side of the river, using a glowing crystal thing in Bouchra’s bag as a compass.

Using triangulation, the party makes it to a burned over basement, and heads down a hidden door into the tunnels. Unfortunately, there is some poor luck, and most end up in a heap at the tunnel’s base. Making a quick trip down the hall, they enter a large round chamber, with a stone arch at the far side. At this point, the arch and the crystal-thing are both glowing noticeably. Unsurprisingly, they are attacked.

After an even more valiant effort, they fight off the final wave of zombies, before noticing that Erevan is likewise glowing. With some quick research, they realize that the arch has some gate-oriented purpose. Despite Kersk’s better judgement, they all enter.



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