The Lands of the Lake

No Stairway!

Oh my god, we played again

So, after a long delay, and a couple of sessions that I entirely failed to write up, here we are.

  • In the dreamland portion of the current campaign, the party ran into their old frenemy Zef (or Beeble), who was in charge of the caravan back at the beginning of the campaign. He told them that he needed help removing something corrupted from the Clockwork (this big metaphysical dungeon thing), or it would have dire consequences on the outside world. After some hesitation, and discussion of compensation, the party agreed.
  • They journeyed down a stairway that hugs the edge of wide chamber. After a brief interaction with the world’s least hidden traps, they decide to enter an opening in the wall (despite instructions entirely to the contrary). Within, they find a chamber full of sarcophagi along the wall, which surprisingly turn out to have angry ghostly figures in them.
  • In the next chamber, they discover a large sarcophagus which emanates a sense of evil. There’s also columns around the room, and the sound of chittering. After a trip wire is set off, a portcullis falls, and traps everyone except for Erevan in the chamber.
  • The creature in the sarcophagus awakens, and after some brief fisticuffs with EFasior. He seems skeletal and really, really annoyed. After a few attacks by the party, he manages to get them to depart, which significant hard feelings.
  • The party continues on the stairway, traveling some distance before finding a platform jutting out from the wall. Efasior uses his trusty grappling hook to better examine it, when the party is set on by a beholder, and three short but voracious flying demons. Combat ensues.


  • “I was listening for gold.” – Efasior
  • “Dead woodchuck farts” – Judd (out of game)



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