The Lands of the Lake

On the Road Again

I can't believe we finally finished the tower

(Why do I always wait two weeks before I write these things?)

  • So, the characters finish up their conversation with Klatu, everyone’s favorite ancient ghostly gnoll wizard. He again counsels the characters that they may not want to have a conflict with the head of the caravan (who he calls Zef). Then he disappears (poof!).
  • Our intrepid crew manages to rappel their way down the outside of the tower (along with a couple of tapestries), and walk back to the caravan. At that point, Beeble comes forward and explains that he is (allegedly) in charge. He takes the copper gear, and explains to the party that he is headed off, but that they can have one of the wagons. He also passes on a gift to each of the characters. Beeble moves the remaining two wagons about a quarter of a mile away, inscribes a circle in the dirt, and then the wagons disappear.
  • The group decides to spend the night where they are. During the first watch, they are beset by a batch of berserk humans, with strange symbols painted upon their skin. Once awakened, the party makes short work of them.
  • After starting off, the party encounters a group of somewhat ambivalent goblins. The goblins half-heartedly threaten our heroes, but then intimate that they might be willing to accept payment to leave them be. Flush with silver and copper, Kersk offers a small amount, which the goblins happily accept – surprising everyone. The goblins explain that they will furthermore keep the party safe as they travel through the forest.
  • After most of a day of travel, our band finds that the path splits, to encircle a large field surrounded by a low wall. They take the northerly route, which quickly leads to the small town of Brixton. They discover a central square, Erevan shares a pie with a gentleman, and everyone heads to a shop which specializes in adventuring supplies, which is run by a dwarf and a gnome.



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