The Lands of the Lake

The Howling III - The Search for Spock

Wherein everything goes perfectly

After a long break, we return to the world of imagination…

  • As we begin, our intrepid heroes, Bouchra, Chork’ul Cu’kker, Cleric, Kersk, and Warlord are hiding out in Firin and Dallos’ farmhouse. Firin had begged the party to help her deal with her (presumably lycanthropic) brother, Dallos, but things had not gone as planned.
  • Partway through the first watch, just as the Cleric was starting to dream of large women, the guards hear a noise. Awaking the rest of the group, they peer outside to discover that some of the corpses have disappeared. They spot drag marks and glowing eyes, and advance towards the edge of the forest, when they hear howls behind them.
  • Suddenly, numerous large shapes appear back beyond the house. The party continues to advance on the shapes they previously saw, when the shapes set off at a charge. The large wolf-men seem to run straight by the party, excepting two who got a bit too close.
  • The party then follows the presumed group of werewolves through the forest for two hours. In real time. For some reason.
  • Finally, the party arrives at a large clearing, and spies a large group of alleged werewolves clustered around a sizable bonfire. Peering from trees and floating discs, they try to analyze the group, before the party starts to break up. At that point, our heroes make a bee-line back to the town.
  • They arrive with the dawn, and make their way to the wagon (remember that?). They’re greeted by Erevan, who makes his way into town; everyone else proceeds to fall asleep on the ground underneath the wagon, like dirty, dirty hobos.
  • Erevan quickly returns, with the constable Robarr in tow. Robarr is more than a little upset, informing the party that numerous members of the community are missing, and that they have Firin imprisoned, because she is thought to be a WEREWOLF! (Didn’t see that coming, did you?)
  • They arrive at the jail, and speak with Firin, to little effect (though it does begin to dawn on her that perhaps there is something to the rumors). The party is sent out to canvass for news of other missing persons, while the Cleric goes to the library (as usual). They return to the jail, at roughly the same time that the proverbial angry mob arrives.
  • After a brief show of force, the group manages to convince the formerly angry townspeople to depart. Soon after, though, a far more intimidating group of werewolves (led by a seeming human) enter the town – fortunately, negotiations begin.
  • The werewolf leader wants to take Firin, and depart the town. He explains that things went poorly the previous night, without precisely explaining what occurred. Robarr is clearly over his head, and Firin decides that a group of werewolves beats hicks with pitchforks. The party accompanies the group to the edge of town.



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