The Lands of the Lake

The Long Way 'Round

Where we discover a use for that Botany class back in High School

(Playing – Eric, John, Josh, Ken, Tony)

Following their last expedition into the tower, our intrepid band of rowdies decided they needed to rest – so they headed back to the caravan for the night. During an otherwise uneventful night, they meet Warlord, who is traveling the path in the darkness. Kersk and Warlord recognize one another from training years earlier, and he quickly joins the group.

In the morning, Bouchra, Erevan, Kersk, and Warlord head back into the tower, to finish what they started. Or something. After entering, the group takes the right hand turn that they had been avoiding throughout earlier explorations.

  • The group heads down a corridor, and proving that they can’t be fooled twice, they astutely notice and then subsequently jam a portcullis set to block the hallway. However, proving that they can in fact be fooled twice, they do not notice the portcullis trap leading into the small room. They do notice the water that starts to flood the chamber, and the three carved panels on the wall. Erevan manages to teleport himself to the right (or possibly wrong) side of the portcullis, and the group (eventually) manages to find a key on the rooms floor. Kersk tries the key in a random panel, and receives a knock on the head for his trouble, before Bouchra realizes that his Mage Hand cantrip and some careful positioning can keep people out of the way of the trap. The group also discovers that the panels are effectively a multiple choice test, in this case on leaves; two of the leaves are carved incorrectly, while the third is perfectly accurate. After turning the key in the right panel, the door pops open, and the party is saved…
  • Until the same situation occurs again, with a winding hallway, a room with a portcullis, door, and (now hidden under the water) a key. It has three corresponding panels, though this time bearing a different question. The whole scenario plays out five times (with varying amounts of success), and the addition of two sets of stairs.
  • Finally, our intrepid band reaches the last of the rooms, and the water disappears down a grate in the floor. They find a (fake) door, a (secret) door, and a (normal) chest. They open the chest, and head out the secret door (and up the stairway beyond), finding themselves near the L-shaped room where they fought the ratlings previously.
  • Our group moves past the L-shaped room, has a brief altercation with the Mad eladrin, and then enters into a new room. This sizable chamber has two large tables (with chairs full place settings), as well as a number of strange metal sculptures. Five dog sized copper figures stand on pedestals, and a much larger iron figure stands in the corner.
  • The party discovers that the seeming-sculptures begin to move when they enter the room. They use some fancy strategerie to kill one on its own, but they eventually manage to wake the entire group. The dog-sized creatures don’t represent much of a threat, but the large iron when is more trouble. He begins with a patented table throw, and follows it up by proceeding to miss Ken over and over again. In time, the group kicks its ass.
  • After a bit of cleanup, the crew enters the next (and even larger) room. A huge rectangular library, above the ground floor is a balcony along all four walls, as well as a big platform in the center, and two spiral staircases. The party rapidly discovers some angry bluish gnomes (Xivorts) on the upper floor, who begin peppering them with darts. Bouchra makes a move to flank them by taking the southeastern stairway, while the rest of the group takes the northwest. Wielding darts, swords, nets, and bolas, the Xivorts turn out to be tougher than they look. Bouchra is immediately in a dangerous one-on-one fight, while everyone else has trouble reaching the melee opponents or the dart-based ones. The battle is very close for awhile, especially for poor little Bouchra with the puppy-dog eyes, but a timely heal (by Warlord) allows him to drop his opponent, and the rest of the group manages to battle through their opponents on the second floor. Victory is theirs.
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