The Lands of the Lake

The Party Takes a Shortcut

Almost Certain Danger? Sign Me Up!

Our adventure begins with the party escorting the group of werewolves from Brixton. The werewolf leader whispers something to Chork’ul Cu’kker, and then they depart. Robarr suggests that it might not be a bad idea for the party to get out of town for awhile, what with all of the excitement and angry mobs. Conveniently, he’s got an idea for a little task they might accomplish. Being agreeable, EFasior, Erevan, Kersk, and Warlord head out to explore the abandoned lumber camp to the south.

  • The party heads directly south, through the walled circular field that adjoins the town. They come to another low-wall surrounding an interior circle, when a farmer warns them not to enter. As they are in a wicked hurry, they pay him no heed.
  • As the party moves closer, they spot some sort of structure in the distance. Several also begin to get a bad feeling about this. As they continue, they discover that the structures are standing stones, scattered around a circle; as they cross in, two members start to hear low whispering. They also notice the sky darkening.
  • The party valiantly continues, as the sky darkens and the whispers increase. Suddenly, they face amorphous eyed tentacles stretching out of holes in mid-air. After fighting off a few, they decide to run for it, reaching the inner circle of standing stones just in time.
  • By this point, the sky is significantly dark, and the whispers are more pronounced, urging our heroes on to various misdeeds (surrender, berserk rampage, etc). In the inner circle, they notice ghost-like Elven figures – some continue to meander, while others attack. They also notice an even blacker mass, at the center of the circle.
  • Our valiant adventurers manage to dispatch most of the ghostly figures, as a they spot a large tentacled form located in (or merged with) a large tree. The tentacles start to menace the party, though at the same time their mental states have become somewhat tenuous (owing to the continued whispering).
  • After a strong effort (including Efasior’s attacks from a limb of the tree), they manage to kill the monstrous thing, though Kersk attacks the Warlord because of his continued madness; fortunately, the rest of the party intercedes (nets were involved), and the Warlord is saved. They find a pure black crystalline fragment near the tree, but nothing else.



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