The Lands of the Lake

Werewolf in Brixton

Team Hairball

The curtain parts this week on our quasi-intrepid band of adventurers, who are currently trying to get to the bottom of a series of full moon-timed livestock mutilations.

  • Not yet being properly equipped, the group considers a careful reconnaissance sortie, before running into a weeping young woman named Firin. Firin explains (in between racking sobs) that she has heard rumors of livestock attacks, and she fears that her brother Dallos may be the beast in question. She discovered bloody animal hide in her house that very morning, and didn’t know what to do; she feared for her brother’s safety, but she also feared what he might do.
  • The farm is north and west of town, a trip of several miles. Though they hear a few howls in the distance, the journey is otherwise uneventful. Upon arrival, they discover the place empty, with no sign of Dallos whatsoever. They explore the small barn and (the bare root cellar), finding nothing of interest. Then the group hears howls, much closer this time.
  • Our band spreads out, in and around the house, before the three vicious beasts break into the clearing. Battle ensues, as two of the monsters burst into the house, leading to a frantic melee – made all the more challenging by the party’s relative lack of silver weapons. Firin runs for it. One of the werewolves is killed, and another tries (in vain) to escape. The third escapes into the woods.
  • The group splits up, with three heading to hunt down Firin and the remaining werewolf, while the other two disposed of the werewolf bodies. Unfortunately, both groups are soon attacked, each by another pair of angry beasts. After an even more frenetic battle, our heroes manage to kill the werewolves. The group decides to return to the house, and secure the building till morning. Like wimps.



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