The Lands of the Lake


EFasior, Erevan, Kersk, and Warlord, have survived their battle with the giant angry tree demon thing. After untying Kersk, the three drag the warlord to the end of their shortcut – to discover that the remainder of the party is (not so patiently) waiting with the wagon. Together, they decide to head south to the lumber camp. EFasior also realizes that his shard of obsidian stone (from the tree-demon) is missing.

  • Nearing the edge of the small town, they split up and proceed quietly. The nearby portion of the town is split into the west side (with standing houses and outbuildings), and the east side (most of whose structures have burned down). Chork’ul Cu’kker enters the overgrown cemetery, where he discovers (first-hand) an opened grave. Efasior sneaks up to seemingly locked and sealed house, with no evidence of residents.
  • The party meets back up, to try and enter the remaining extant house on the east side. Efasior climbs opens a second story window, and then lets everyone else in through the front door. They discover a nice building, as well as the bodies of a family of four – it appears that the father has killed the rest of the family, and then himself. Eventually, most of the group heads to the south, where larger structures are visible; the rest remain, to use this as a strongpoint if necessary.
  • The group spots a tower, a small temple with a spire, and a meeting house, as well as a mill in the distance. They spot two pale corpses, bobbing in the small stream, and pull them to shore. Then they examine the nearby buildings.
  • Suddenly, chaos ensues, as small groups of zombies accost the separate members of the party. They manage to defeat them in turn, and then retreat to the tower, which has a sturdy door and only one entrance. At the moment, Efasior, Erevan, Kersk, Cleric, and Bouchra are in the tower. Chork’ul Cu’kker, Sarina, Reginald, and the Warlord (and two horses) are in the house to the north.



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