The Lands of the Lake

On the Road - Day 2
The tower...Rapunzel...

(Playing – Andy, Josh, Jud, Ken, Shaun, Tony)

Morning breaks on the second day of our epic, epic journey, and our intrepid adventurers return to the road. The caravan experiences an entirely uneventful morning (which we play out in real-time).

  • Meanwhile, in another adventure, Chork’ul is hunting in the woods, when he overhears a caravan on the road.
  • Finally, the caravan stops. Unbeknownst to our rather oblivious adventurers, the caravan has moved parallel to a strange tower, just to the south. The mysterious man in the back of the wagon makes an offer through Adolphus the guard: 70 silver pieces to people who are willing to enter the tower, in return for one object that is found. Bouchra and Kersk volunteer, along with Sarina.
  • Kersk, Bouchra, and Sarina head into the woods, though they are (unknowingly) trailed by Chork’ul. Suddenly, the three are set upon by two very angry (and mobile) shrubs. Suffice to say, it goes poorly. Chork’ul feels bad (and confused), and helps out.
  • At the same time, Cleric suddenly has a strong vision of his new friends being assaulted by plant life. He immediately sprints his way to the altercation. The combination of the five of them make short work of the shrubs.
  • After getting their bearings, our intrepid band of adventurers continue on towards the tower, when they come across a partially tied-up elf, vainly trying to hide in the trees. EFasior explains that he is an “adventurer,” and somehow manages to convinces the party that the nearby tower is his.
  • The band sees the fifty to sixty foot tall tower, which sits at the center of a sloping clearing. EFasior approaches it, while Blank and Kersk try to circle the tower; they all discover that it has no apparent entrances. Cleric manages to find into the ground at the edge of the clearing, and calls the rest of the group over; Chork’ul starts to climb the outside of the tower, but eventually thinks better of it.
  • The group enters the stone-faced dungeon. With the party’s confidence in EFasior’s ownership eroding, they come across their first room. They are quickly attacked from the darkness above by ambush spiders. After a stirring fight, Kersk torched the webs covering the upper portion of the room.
  • Licking their wounds, the group continues on to a nearby room, which is notable for piles of junk along the far wall, and strange circular openings along the side walls. EFasior searches the piles, while Kersk tries to block one of the somewhat concerning holes. Suddenly, a portcullis drops across the doorway, gray oozes start to spew out of the holes, and the far wall starts to close in.
  • Thus begins a chaotic battle whereby Kersk and Cleric try to raise the portcullis, EFasior searches through the junk for an escape, Bouchra and Sarina try (vainly) to fight off the oozes, and Chrok’ul searches for an off switch. Eventually, they succeed in killing several of the oozes, jamming the oncoming wall (for a time), and raising the portcullis. Finally, EFasior passes a key to Chrok’ul, who manages to turn the switch stopping the trap.
  • Through a bit more creative work, the party discovers that there is a secret room off the space behind the oncoming wall.
The journey commences
Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

(Playing – Andy, Eric, Josh, Ken)

Day breaks on our intrepid adventurers, finding their small but weird caravan headed eastward. After traveling through the open plains around Lightfoot, they reach the forest outside the town. The road narrows, and things are generally creepier…except if you’re a dirty elf.

  • The group hears horsehooves, and braces for danger. Suddenly, a rider dressed completely in black comes upon them. He passes by with no reaction.
  • A short time later, the caravan is set upon by vicious bandits, hiding in the trees. Wielding crossbows and clubs, the humans assault the caravan, injuring several of the characters and guards. Once they get up close, though, our band of do-gooders make short work of them. Kersk even manages to capture a beleaguered crossbowmen.
  • After only a small amount of threatening, the bandit (named Reginald) rolls over completely, offering all of his moderate knowledge for the his own skin. Among other things, he gives some tips for where another ambush might be likely.
  • The day progresses, and the surroundings change from small pastures to close in forests. Suddenly, another attack presents itself, this time larger. The bandits spring a swinging tree trap, which the wagons are able to avoid with some judicious horsemanship. As the lead wagon is about to escape from the trap, suddenly the bandit leader steps out into the middle of the path, clutching a prisoner.
  • Adolphus stops the wagon mere feet in front of the leader, and a fierce battle ensues. Cleric leaps from the wagon, giving the leader a fearsome punch to the face, and setting him on fire. Meanwhile, the other party members and caravan guards take on nearby crossbowmen and fighters, slowing beating them back. Reginald quickly shows his new loyalties, attempting to fight off the bandits with the rest of the group. Though the battle is a long one, the tide slowly turns, until Blank finally brings down the leader.
  • After combat, the party searches bandits, finding weapons, armor, and a some money. They also meet the captive, a female elf that introduces herself as Sarina. She joins the group, at least for the time being.
  • The caravan journeys another hour, before finding a good spot to spend the night. They set watch, and head to sleep. After a few hours, they are awoken by the sound of horses, and watch two riders in white ride to the west very rapidly.
  • During the next watch, the party is suddenly beset by wolves. Though two of the guards were knocked unconscious, the wolves were finally dispatched. Examining the remains, it was discovered that they seem to be sickly in some way.
Origin - Welcome to Lightfoot
Well, at least it wasn't an inn

(Playing – Andy, Eric, Josh, Ken, Tony)

Our four intrepid adventurer’s find themselves in the small town of Lightfoot, impoverished but otherwise in good shape.

  • Kersk and Bouchra quickly meet up. At Kersk’s behest, they start to ask around about potential work in town.
  • Meanwhile, Erevan and Cleric separately end up at the town’s library, where they both look for rare and/or unusual texts. Eventually, they talk to a gentleman named Vendt.
  • Kersk and Bouchra end up at The Friendly Belch, where they seek information about opportunities in the lucrative field of caravan security. It’s suggested that they may find some job openings where the wagons are parked, at the outskirts of town.
  • Erevan and Cleric, having drank their intellectual fill, start to examine the rest of the town. They come across an emporium named Blass’s Curios & Whatnot. While examining the books, Blank knocks over and breaks a statuette. The proprietor suggests that she might be willing to overlook the damage, and pay a small fee, if the two can carry a rare book to a town on the lake. They accept.
  • At the same time, Kersk and Bouchra reach the caravan pens, and find a small caravan headed east who could use some more guards.
  • Erevan and Cleric arrive at the wagon area, and find that the caravan is also heading the direction they are looking to go (see how I did that). After a brief conversation with a mysterious figure in one of the wagons, they join the caravan as well.
  • Everyone sleeps uneventfully, near the wagons.

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